Ten years ago, Tetsuya Miyamoto had a dream to change the world through puzzles. In his classroom in Yokohama, KenKen was born.

Enter a world where puzzles matter. From Tokyo to New York, from the classroom to the puzzle page to the tournament floor, Miyamoto and the Machine takes you into the brain of the inventor and the players, all while the machines of business and technology crash into artistry and humanity. 


Miyamoto believes each handcrafted puzzle tells a story, and if you look hard enough between the rows, columns, and cages of KenKen, you can find the story of the sensei who started a global phenomenon.

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Tetsuya Miyamoto

KenKen Inventor 

"A machine doesn't have heart. it cannot make shakespeare, beethoven, picasso. This is our world, it is for human being."

Will Shortz

New York Times Puzzle Editor

"When you see an open square you want to put something in it. There is something about human nature that we want to fill up spaces."

"Sometimes it is just a puzzle. But other times, it feels like some form of abstract storytelling."

Tess Mandell 


Robert Fuhrer

President KenKen Puzzle Company

"To get in a newspaper, I knew we needed a computer program. We needed to generate these things."

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"The kenerator is an amazing piece of software. It's never made a single mistake."

David Levy

Kenerator developer